Rich Schaefer

Rich Schaefer

I love telling stories! I genuinely enjoy the challenge of creating something amazing. Collaborating with directors to achieve their visions is one of my favorite parts of the job.

I love working with agency creatives and clients to help a brand or a message become more compelling and effective, and I love the colorful cast and crew that come together to make a project come to life.

I enjoy using technical machines because now, more than ever, computers are the paintbrushes of my craft!
I really love love love what I do!

I live in the OC, local in LA and work all over the world.
Film Production


30 years of experience and over 3000 commercials, feature films, promos and music videos filmed.
Film Production

Motion Control Robot

Rich owns and operates an industrial robot for moving cameras in amazing and precise ways! It is a Kira2 with track made by Motorized Precision in Portland Oregon.
2 meter Arm
Very high-speed, up to 7m/sec
4 meters of Track
Sub-Milimeter Accuracy
Cinema Lighting
Rentable Grip Truck
Film Production

Virtual Production

Rich learned from the 'Virtual Production Master Class' hosted by the Cinematographers Guild.  Taught by the DP and PD of 'The Mandilorian' Baz, along with the PDs of 'Avatar, Obie-1'. Hosted by Epic Games at the amazing NantStudios Volume!
Unreal Engine 5.3
100" Pro Display for VP filming
UE Robot Integration
UE tracking system
Film Production

Super Slow-Motion

High Speed filming is a specialty and Rich has the know how. Expertise is needed to film at 2000fps with a probe at T16 and more.
Phantom 4k Flex
The industry standard
1000fps @ 4k
2000fps @ 2k
3500fps @ 720p
High speed & high output lighting
Aputure 2600w LEDs x2
Nanlux 1200w LEDs x2
Arri Skypanels LEDs x14
Aputure 600w LEDs x4
Virtual Production and Rentable Backdrop
CNC Machining
Production & Fabrication

3D Printing

Rich has become very proficient at CAD design and 3D Printing. Rich often makes product mounts, camera and lighting parts.
Industrial 3D Printer
Product Mounts
Carbon Fiber, PLA
Camera & Lighting Parts
Production & Fabrication

CNC Machining

Rich's CAD designs can be precisely cut on his CNC milling machine
Product Mounts
Rigging Plates
Camera Parts
Rigging Plates
Welding and Fabrication
Production & Fabrication


Can do!
Aluminum TIG
Plasma Cutter
Steel MIG

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